I am Kemp Brinson, an employment law attorney with offices in Winter Haven, Florida and Orlando, Florida. This is my personal blog. I’ve lived in Winter Haven since 2004. The views expressed on this website are my own and in now way are endorsed by or expressed on behalf of my employer or any client.

From 2008-2014, I hosted polklawblog.com, where I wrote long, boring articles about legal issues unique to Polk County, Florida. As the years went by, I itched to write about other things, like politics, the environment, and the arts. For a while, I scratched that itch by writing for Lakeland Local, a hyper-local news site focusing on nearby Lakeland.

Now, I have stopped creating content for polklawblog, and will instead write here. Once in a while, I still may write about a boring, complex legal issue. But, on Polking Around, I’m giving myself the freedom to talk about whatever I want. Please read, share, and argue with me to your heart’s content.