by Kemp Brinson

Polk County, Where Ponds Mean More Than People

TAKE ACTION: Email the Polk County Commissioners

The Polk County Commission has posted the agenda for its meeting on June 21, 2016.

A few weeks ago, the Commission refused to vote on a proclamation recognizing Polk Pride Week, but they are all set to vote next week on a proclamation to declare July to be Lakes Appreciation Month.

In Polk County, lakes are a really big deal. Recognizing their value is important, but apparently the County values these bodies of water more than its own citizens.

Consider all the nice, uncontroversial things they said about our beautiful lakes when they passed a similar proclamation last year. The last line is particularly striking:

WHEREAS, Polk County recognizes the need to protect these lakes and ponds for future generations.

Is it really controversial or political to recognize the need to protect our LGBT citizens from hate and violence? No. Is protecting them really less important than protecting a pond? No. So why can’t they offer the same symbolic support to our LGBT brothers and sisters as they do to ponds? It is, without a doubt, the least they could possibly do.

Write your county commissioners today and encourage them to retroactively pass the Polk Pride Week proclamation and stand in solidarity with our LGBT community in this time of pain and grief. Our lakes and ponds mean a lot, but our citizens mean a lot more.

I want to live in a place I am not ashamed of. I want to live in a place that is moving forward, not standing on the wrong side of history. How about you?

TAKE ACTION: Email the Polk County Commissioners

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