A former employee of the food service contractor at Florida Southern College, Guest Services Hospitality, Inc., has alleged in a lawsuit that the Florida Southern College cafeteria was infested with rats and other vermin as of Fall, 2014, and that contaminated food was being served on campus.

Naturally, these allegations should not be accepted as true without looking into it more thoroughly, and, of course, seeking a response from FSC. But the complaint paints a pretty disgusting picture of rats scurrying up kitchen walls, bread half-eaten by rats being used to make croutons, and sugar and flour being infested with bugs. I hope FSC publicly refutes these allegations quickly and credibly.

The lawsuit alleges that the employee, Jena Lewis, was fired after she brought the health code violations to the attention of her boss, Tim Raible. It seeks damages under the Florida Whistleblower’s Act.

Download the Complaint

It’s amazing what one can discover perusing court files, isn’t it?